Well-known Kun Khmer Fighters

Uncover the legends of Kun Khmer fighting with this list of 10 legendary fighters! Learn about ten of the greatest Kun Khmer fighters in history with profiles and highlights of their legendary accomplishments.

1. Bun Sothea

Bun Sothea is one of the current Kun Khmer fighters who has participated in many contests. He is well known for participating in 50 kg and above games. He has won many matches and lost just a few in his career, making him a good fighter. Bun Sothea, also a Cambodian, began training as a young boy in Cambodia, which helped nurture his fighting techniques from a very early age. This has greatly contributed to his success as a Kun Khmer fighter.

2. Chan Rothana

Chan Rothana was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and began training in Kun Khmer techniques of striking at a very young age through his father, a master and trainer of Kun Khmer who mainly specialized in traditional Kun Khmer, which involved wrestling and weapon techniques. He began taking part in Kun Khmer when he was 17 yrs. In his career, he has won 90 matches and lost only once. He owns a record championship in One Championship Roster. He pursued mixed martial arts in his career to increase his chances of competing globally in bigger matches. His success has greatly earned him a huge fan base across Asia.

3. Eh Phuthong

Eh Phuthong is a well-known Cambodian kickboxer. He began his Kun Khmer fight at the age of 12, under the guidance of his coach Mr. Yuth Phuthong. Eh Phuthong had his first Kun Khmer contest at the age of 17. At his initial fighting stage, he began with 48 kg and went up to 82 kg.

In his Kun Khmer contests, he has won 178 rounds and five draws and has lost only nine matches. This makes him one of the greatest Kun Khmer fighters.

4. Keo Rumchong

Keo is a Cambodian Kun Khmer fighter who began learning everything about the sport at 5. He has a wide career of success, having participated in Bayon TV in the Kun Khmer championship multiple times. He also appeared in Thai Fight, where he competed with other fighters in December 2015. He has also fought internationally multiple times and defeated other big fighters of Kun Khmer. He has even completed twice in the 67 kg category. Overall, he has won 157 matches, four draws, and lost 13 matches. Early this year, he wanted to take part in the 81 kg weight class, but he was unfortunately left out of the national team. His fighting record has otherwise made him a champion in his country.

5. Khon Sichan

He is a Cambodian fighter who has gained prominence in Kun Khmer fighting. He began training at six years old and had his first match at 13 years old. He later turned his attention to mixed martial arts, in which he managed to participate on a bigger stage. In his new professionalism, he has managed to deliver perfect leg locks on his opponents. He has also earlier on participated in the Khmer warrior challenge season 1, which he won. He has won many times in his career with only five losses. Although he has won many championships, he is yet to compete globally, but he is very confident that he will become victorious when he takes part in Kun Khmer matches globally.

6. Prom Samnang

Prom Samnang, who was previously regarded as not so good as a fighter, has recently surprised everyone with his fighting skills in Kun Khmer. Prom Samnang was only a carpenter in the past but later decided to take part in Kun Khmer as a career. He has managed to defeat notable figures in Kun Khmer, thus giving him a lot of popularity. He has managed to fight in the 78 kg category and won. He is well known for winning the International Boxing Federation and many other prestigious awards. Samnang is considered to be a legend of Kun Khmer since he has won 130 times and lost only 10 matches.

7. Sen Radeth

Sen Radeth is a young Cambodian Kun Khmer fighter who has been seen to exert his success on fighting rings many times. He has competed with tough competitors of all weights. He has also set his global marks by winning many championships but losing only a few. His early training and career at a very young age helped prepare him for success. He trained in Kun Khmer martial arts, which is what he has been specializing in, in his career as a fighter.

8. Sor Sey

Sor Sey is a Cambodian fighter who has won 145 times. He has competed with tough weighted opponents of up to 67 kg. His coaches trained him well. Chan Reach and BJJ black belt Fernando. He was motivated to take up traditional Kun Khmer because when he was a child, he used to get bullied by older children. Therefore he took up Kun Khmer to help boost his confidence and strength. Considering the fact that he came from a very low-income family, fighting was one way for him to raise money to fend for his family. He has participated in other tournaments, which have made him quite successful in his career. He currently holds a One Championship record as a representative of Cambodia.

9. Theon Theara

Theon is a Cambodian Kun Khmer fighter who is now known for being the first Cambodian to win a Thai Fight event title within the first round. He has been well trained in his career by his coach Eh Phuthong who was previously a Kun Khmer fighter. He has been noted for fighting in 67 kg and above matches, in which he has become quite victorious. In his recent game, he defeated one of the best Kun Khmer fighters Saiyoknoi Sakchainarong in the first few minutes. In his victory, he managed to part with a $30,000 grand prize. His unique fighting techniques of the elbow and leg have given him many Kun Khmer fans in Cambodia.

10. Thun Sophea

Thun Sophea is a Cambodian kickboxer. He is a retired kickboxer who will forever be remembered for his amazing career in Kun Khmer. Thun Sophea was well-trained by his coach Chiit Sarim. In his active career that ended in 2012, he had won 80 contests, five draws, and only eight losses. In 2011, he was rated as the highest-paid athlete in Kun Khmer. Currently, he is a referee for Kun Khmer contests and a coach of the Ministry of National Defense boxing team.