Top 7 places to visit in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Roughly translated as “Center of mountains”, Mondulkiri is a province that is known for its dense forest, beautiful mountain ranges, indigenous tribes and many waterfalls. The tropical climate of Cambodia brings out a breathtaking sea of trees as far as the eyes can see. In addition, the abundance of mountains in the region also produces numerous waterfalls that you can take a visit to. Although it is among the most sparsely populated areas in the country, Mondulkiri hosts a diverse community of various indigenous tribes that have very unique traditions and customs.

Channal, S. (2018) Kting Status, Mondolkiri. Cambodia
Channal, S. (2018) Kting Status, Mondolkiri. Cambodia

Situated in the eastern part of Cambodia, Mondulkiri is a place to connect with nature as the province is home to wildlife sanctuaries that are determined to protect and preserve wild animals that are being hunted.

So, prepare your hiking gear and grab a camera as we’ll walk you through some of the best places to see in Cambodia’s greenest province.

1. Bousra waterfall

One of the most iconic attractions in the country, Bousra waterfall (sometimes spelled Busra or Boosra) is a majestic cataract that is made up of 3 separate layers. The first 2 levels of Bousra are 12 meters and 20 meters high respectively. The third layer of the waterfall is not recommended to pay a visit to as it is covered by impenetrable jungle and is inhabited by hostile wildlife. The relatively safe part of Bousra is a pristine location for swimming, picnic and photo ops which is why it is such a popular location for locals.

Busra Waterfall, Mondolkiri, Cambodia
Busra Waterfall, Mondolkiri, Cambodia

Due to the province’s geography, such a scenic setting requires determination to get to, as the cataract is a 43 km (26 miles) journey from Mondulkiri’s Sen Monorom provincial town.

2. Andong Sne

This next location takes you to a hill about 20 km from Sen Monorom near the Cambodia-Vietnam border. Despite meaning “Love Well” in English, there isn’t any well here, only the beautiful scenery that makes you fall in love with nature (if you haven’t yet).  A big indicator that you have reached Andong Sne is the S-curve road that once conquered, will give you photo ops that are hard not to admire (bonus points if you have a drone).

3. Mondulkiri Project

If interacting with elephants is an experience you are searching for in a jungle-covered tropical country, then look no further as Mondulkiri Project offers just that. A Cambodian NGO that is committed to rescuing captive elephants, Mondulkiri Project provides jungle trek tours that take you to their protected elephant habitats which you can walk with, feed and clean those enormous creatures. Because it is a form of abuse and the unethical methods in training, elephant riding is prohibited.

Help save Cambodian elephants and the forest that they live in by partaking in Mondulkiri Project’s adventure tours.

4. Kbal Preah waterfall

Another waterfall on the list is Kbal Preah located 13 km from Sen Monorom. In order to get to the waterfall, visitors will have to hike on a path or take a motorcycle there. Having only one level, the difference between this waterfall and Bousra is that it has a water reservoir at its base where travelers can swim. We recommend taking a local with you there as it is a challenge to find Kbal Preah and not get lost.

5. Phnom Doh Kromom

A beautiful mountain that overlooks Sen Monorom provincial town, Phnom Doh Kromom offers a feast for your eyes and spirit alike. Being only a few kilometers from Mondulkiri’s town, you can take a quick trip there during sunrise or sunset for a truly breathtaking experience. On Phnom Doh Kromom also lies a pagoda where locals attend to have their wishes granted.

View on the top of Doh Kromom Mountain
View on the top of Doh Kromom Mountain

6. Chrey Thom waterfall

Haven’t had enough waterfalls? Fortunately, we have one more for you. Chrey Thom waterfall is a 15 meters high waterfall that is surrounded by very big trees called Chrey (like in the name of the waterfall). Unlike Bousra, where it is not safe to visit during the monsoon, Chrey Thom is accessible all year. The area around the waterfall is dramatically shaded by huge Chrey trees where you can have a picnic and enjoy your time there.

Chrey Thom is located 43 km from Sen Monorom where you need to get via a red pebble path.

7. Pou Lung Village

A village that is mainly composed of indigenous groups, Pou Lung offers a look into the rich history and traditions of such minorities. Beautiful grass fields, mountains and uniquely designed indigenous houses are some of the things you can find in the village. Souvenirs and handicrafts made by the locals are also available for purchase. Phnong, Krueng and Stieng are some of the indigenous groups with interesting cultures and customs that live in Pou Lung.

The village is 10 km from Mondulkiri’s provincial town which takes about 15 minutes to get to.