Museum and Art Gallery in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with a rich and unique culture that still manages to exist in harmony with nature. Naturally, this includes an abundance of fascinating museums and art galleries to explore. Cambodia also honors its history and heritage; there are plenty of traditional crafts to see, such as carvings, silversmithing or weavings. Here are some of the best museums and art galleries in Cambodia.

1. National Museum of Cambodia

This massive museum was built almost entirely by the Cambodian people, who donated their time and labor to complete this outstanding museum. It covers history from the prehistoric era to the Angkor period, up to Cambodian independence in 1953. It also has a special focus on Cambodian culture, art and crafts. The museum is located in Phnom Penh.


2. The Royal Palace Museum

The Royal Palace Museum is located in Phnom Penh and was built in 1866. It houses a collection of royal memorabilia, including personal items of the royal family. This museum is also one of the best places to learn more about Cambodian culture as it features displays on religion, literature, music and dance. In addition, there are also paintings, costumes and musical instruments on display here.

3. The Tuol Sleng Museum

This was the former interrogation center of the notorious Khmer Rouge regime and has now been turned into a museum to commemorate and document this blood-stained era. It contains an extensive photographic collection of those who suffered imprisonment and torture at the hands of these tyrants. The display includes many photographs of men, women and children who were tortured to death or killed by execution. There is also a mass grave nearby where many of these victims were buried in anonymous graves without any memorial or prayer.


4. Angkor National Museum

This museum is located in Siem Reap and covers the Angkor period from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Its exhibits include sculptures, bronzes, jewelry, and many other valuable objects which illustrate daily life during this era. It also covers a particular emphasis on Buddhist religion, architecture and art during this period. A number of tourists come here to find out more about this period of Cambodian history and its culture.


5. The Cambodia Landmine Museum

This museum relates the story of the landmine problem in Cambodia over the last 27 years. It contains several exhibits that vividly illustrate the horror and suffering landmines inflicted on both sides of this conflict. It also displays how traditional methods have been used to help remove mines by hand, as well as pictures and videos taken during demining operations. There are also displays showing modern mine clearance methods, including electronically controlled machines used to search for mines. It’s a sobering place for tourists to visit but is well worth it for an insight into the landmine issue in Cambodia.


6. Din Art Gallery

The Din Art Gallery in Cambodia is a museum and gallery dedicated to Khmer art and culture. This repository of some of the country’s finest artifacts has been in existence for more than 30 years in Phnom Penh. It houses invaluable collections of ancient Cambodian artifacts, including musical instruments, sculptures, textiles and weaponry.


7. Theam’s Gallery

This art gallery is located in the cultural city of Phnom Penh, and it is dedicated to prestigious art. The collection consists mainly of Khmer art, including traditional instruments, weavings, carvings and Angkor-era sculptures. The gallery also hosts a variety of musical performances as well as traditional dance shows, which are very popular among tourists. Many visitors also go here to learn Khmer dance and music, including the celebrated Khmer form of belly dance.


8. Mrs. Bun Roeung’s Ancient House

This unique museum is a private collection of wonderful Cambodian art and furniture. It contains an interesting collection of ancient Khmer sculptures, masks and carvings, as well as traditional Cambodian textiles and clothing. It has beautiful trees and a pleasant garden to relax in. The place attracts many tourists and is also used as a venue for cultural performances.

9. Cambodia Peace Gallery

This museum contains a number of exhibitions covering the various stages of Cambodian independence. These include photographs and paintings recording the suppression of protests and demonstrations during the 1970-1975 insurgencies, the Khmer Rouge atrocities, the establishment of peace in 1991, and the reconstruction of Cambodia after it became a sovereign country in 1993. Many people visit the Peace Gallery as it provides a fascinating insight into the struggles and wars that have characterized Cambodia’s history in recent decades.


10. Tep Kao Sol Gallery

This gallery has a number of paintings and sculptures which depict famous Cambodian landmarks and scenes from daily life. It also houses artifacts and relics, in particular Angkor religious objects and local folk art. The display is very colorful and contains a number of beautiful antiques, paintings and sculptures from all over Cambodia, which are a reflection of the country’s cultural development. Any person interested in seeing more Khmer art and culture would find the gallery a worthwhile place of interest.

11. Jewel In The Lotus Gallery and Restaurant

This gallery is a private collection of paintings and sculptures. It contains artwork from renowned and emerging Cambodian artists. The exhibitions change occasionally to showcase different works of art. There are always several paintings, antique pieces, and sculptures on display at this gallery which visitors can admire, making it a very important part of Cambodia’s cultural life. Tourists can also enjoy its comfortable environment and delicious Cambodian food.

12. Preah Srey I├žanavarman Museum-SOSORO Museum 

The “Preah Srey I├žanavarman” Museum, a museum showing the history of the Cambodian economy and monetary policy since the Funan period, was officially inaugurated on April 8, 2019. The museum presents the economic and monetary history for the first time in the history of Cambodia and will be a place for the younger generation to study and research the Cambodian economy and monetary.



Most people are unaware of the variety of different activities and attractions that you can enjoy in Cambodia. This is just one example of how it has so many unique and exciting places. The country has a wonderful cultural heritage and offers plenty of ways to experience it. Some of these places of interest will be unique to Cambodia, while others are not so easy to find elsewhere in the world. So next time you travel, do not forget to visit one of these locations, and you will be sure to have a memorable trip that you will never forget.